Episode #13: William Carleton and I discuss the JOBS act

After an extended hiatus, the Project Idealism podcast returns with William Carlton, a Seattle based attorney who specializes in startups.  William and I discuss a variety of things about the new JOBS act, though much of our focus is on the crowd funding provisions.

For an excellent resource on the JOBS act and a variety of other topics, check out Williams home on the internet at http://wac6.com.

Big thanks again to William for taking the time to share his knowledge with me and our listeners!

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Podcast Episode #12: Mike Hostetler and Jonathan Sharp of appendTo

In this episode of my podcast I interviewed Jonathan Sharp and Mike Hostetler of appendTo, a JQuery development shop that was founded by the two in 2009.

They took the time to talk about the growth of their organization, how they go about getting clients, being a small business that works with big clients, and the point at which they turn business down.

We also talked quite a bit about pricing, managing teams that are geographically dispersed, and the benefits and challenges that come with working from home or in a small office.

Mike and Jonathan are really nice guys, and I'm very thankful they took the time to sit down with me to talk about their business, how they run it, and how they're going about growing the company.  Thanks again guys.

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Thanks for the intro and exit music this time around goes to Peter, Bjorn and John.  The Swedish band makes a bunch of their music available to podcasters at Music Alley.

Podcast Episode #11: Ryan Singer of 37signals

For this episode of my podcast, I was joined by Ryan Singer, a designer at 37signals who kids that his "cocktail title" would be a product manager. Much of what I know about web design comes from listening to what Ryan has to say on the matter, and I really appreciate the time he spent with me.

We talked about how teams work together, design, how work gets prioritized, and the kinds of things that influence their decisions - about both design and the process of getting their work done.

Ryan shares some great insights, and I hope you find the talk as valuable as I did.  As always, you can listen right here in the post, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Ryan writes regularly on the 37signals blog Signal vs. Noise and occasionally posts articles on his site feltpresence.com, where he's also posted some great videos of talks he's given.  You can follow Ryan on twitter at http://twitter.com/rjs.

Thanks again Ryan, I really appreciate you joining me.

And lastly, as has been the case a number of times, the intro music comes by way of the Smashing Pumpkins and their Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project.


The People and links Ryan mentioned:

Podcast Episode #10: Lance Walley of Chargify, Engine Yard, Parallax and more

In my latest podcast episode I interviewed Lance Walley, who has been building businesses for over 20 years.  Most recently Lance co-founded Chargify - a recurring billing system, and before that EngineYard - a Rails application hosting company.

Lance spoke candidly with me about launching new ideas, scaling a business, failure, success, investing, and more.  It was great talking with him and he shared a ton of great information.  You can follow Lance on Twitter at @lancewalley.

As always, you can listen to the show right here on the blog, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Thanks a bunch Lance!

(Once again thanks to The Smashing Pumpkins for the intro and exit music.)

Podcast Episode #9: Nate Kontny of Inkling Markets

I had the pleasure yesterday of Interviewing Nate Kontny, one of the founders of Inkling Markets, and co-creator of Tgethr and CityPosh, for my latest podcast episode.

Nate is one of my favorite bloggers, super intelligent, and a really nice guy to boot.  I had a blast talking to him about starting projects, running a business, and the creative process that goes into building software and writing great blog posts.

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here (just give it a moment to load), or by subscribing to the podcast in iTunes.

You can follow Nate on his personal blog, the Inkling Markets Blog, or on his twitter handle.

Thanks again for the time Nate, it was great talking with you!

Lastly, thanks to the Smashing Pumpkins for making their music available. I used "Lightning Strikes" as the intro and exit music for this episode.  You can check out what they're working on at their site SmashingPumpkins.com