Welcome....Theresa Valdez

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Today was a big day for Ideal Project Group. I hired my first employee, Theresa Valdez, about two weeks ago and today marked day number one. Theresa and I have worked together in the past so there are none of the worries/concerns/jitters that would normally come with a new employee. This is perfect because quite frankly, I can't afford to screw up my first hire.

Theresa joins Ideal Project Group as a Project Coordinator and will be making an immediate impact. Working on everything from growing the business by focusing on some new key areas, to assisting with a couple projects that I'm working on, Theresa is starting not a minute too soon.

Most notably, Theresa will be the Project Manager for our first internal software project - running everything from start to finish. We'll be posting more about the application that we're working on later, but I'm pretty excited about it and there's no one I'd rather have working next to me.

With a technology heavy background, Theresa brings Project Management, Business Analysis, Technical Writing and QA experience to Ideal Project Group. More important than her experience though is the speed and quality with which she accomplishes her work. I'm very excited to bring Theresa into this tiny family and can't wait to see what she accomplishes.

Theresa will be based in LasVegas, NV where she currently resides.