Podcast Episode 18: Regularly Scheduled Momentum

In our newest episode of the podcast I'm joined by Nate Kontny, the new CEO of Highrise. Nate and I talk about business, software, writing and a host of other topics including the future of Highrise.

Nate's a very talented software developer, a superb writer, has founded multiple companies, worked on the Obama for America campaign and is now running the newest company to spin out of Basecamp. It's interesting to hear Nate's story, how dots connect and how he's ultimately found himself in a situation he had in some ways been setting an intention towards.

Thanks to Nate for joining me again, and as always you can listen to the show below, or by subscribing in iTunes.

Podcast Episode 17: That moment is given to you by the lack of gravity

Late last year, I decided I wanted to talk with someone who had gone though what might be the most unique human experience possible, someone who has been into outer space.

Fast forward to today where I was able to interview Astronaut Clayton Anderson, thanks to Source Sleuth - a service that finds experts for people telling stories.

Clayton and I talked about what it felt like to ride a rocket ship into outer space, the 15 year path he took to get there (including 14 years worth of rejection letters), the 5 months he spent on the international space station, how this perspective shapes ones worldview and what he's doing now as an author and public speaker.

I'm very grateful for the time Clayton gave to speak with me, and inspired by hearing his story of determination.

You can keep up with Clayton by following him on twitter at @astro_clay, checking out his facebook page at http://facebook.com/astroclay, and visiting his website at http://astroclay.com.

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Episode 16: The delusion is that you need a hockey stick to succeed

I was joined by Kevin Finn of Molehill in our latest podcast episode, where we talked at length about how they built their time tracking tool Tick - which also happens to be one of my favorite SaaS products - and their podcasting app Buzzsprout.

I was particularly happy to talk with Kevin because Tick is something I look at and think to myself - this piece of software makes my business better.

Kevin shares some of his insights about making useful products, marketing and the things that make us happy.

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Podcast Episode 15 - People didn't leave radio, radio left the people

In the latest episode of our podcast I'm joined by Shawn Campbell, the founder of CHIRP radio, a community radio station in Chicago.

Shawn built CHIRP from the ground up with a slew of volunteers, and now organizes over 200 people that bring 21 hours of live on air time every day.

You can hear the passion Shawn has for radio and what it means to her when she's talking, and her story is a real inspiration for anyone looking to make their dent in the world.

During the course of building CHIRP, Shawn has run web and mobile development projects, fundraising efforts, applications with the FCC and a host of other things. The workload seems almost unimaginable, and yet, she and her team built a radio station from scratch in America's third largest city.


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Podcast Episode 14 - The fantasy dies when the marketing begins

Well I'm giving another go at bringing the podcast back! We'll see how it goes. In this episode I talk with my good friend Ryan Evans, the founder of Lift Marketing and BiteSizePR. Both companies help small businesses get marketing and in this episode we talk about building products, marketing them and why so many people put off marketing and sales for so long.

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