Podcast Episode One - An Introduction

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I'm pretty excited to announce today that I have started a podcast. All episodes will be added right to this blog so you shouldn't need to modify any of your settings to hear the individual episodes. You'll also be able to subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes in a couple days after it's been approved by the folks over at Apple. The concept behind this show is "What can a project manager learn from X?"

"X" can be anything from a chef, to a professor, to a firefighter. The idea is that project managers and other professionals can learn a lot from these amazing individuals, the things they are creating, and the problems they are solving. Not normally considered "projects", they can teach us a lot about the projects we are managing and the businesses we are running.

In addition to listening to the show in iTunes or an RSS reader, I'll embed the file right here as well so you can listen to it right from one of my posts.