Government Idiocy and how not to manage a project

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60 Minutes had a great segment Sunday night about a "Virtual Fence" project that's being conducted along the US/Mexico border. The idea is that there's a host of motion detectors, cameras, and other gadgets that can identify people trying to cross the border. Once spotted, border patrol can be deployed to "intercept" people before they get in.

The problem?

The people building the system didn't actually talk to the border patrol. You know, the people that would actually use the system. They basically built it in a silo, didn't talk to users, didn't iterate, and shipped a product that doesn't really work. Oh, by the way, you and I paid for it.

I'm sure they had a lot of fancy documents though.

Hey, US Government, if you need help getting this thing straightened out give me a call. My number is 773.932.1138.

Check out the absurdity below:

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