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When I announced that I was going to execute on one of Andrew Dubber's ideas, and subsequently opened up the project space to anyone that would commit to writing one blog post a week about it, I really had no idea what was going to happen.

What's happened is that I'm now working with people I've never met, from multiple countries, and who all bring amazing talents and unique perspectives to this still as of yet unknown project. By joining, they've influenced what kind of idea I'm likely to execute on and have already helped to keep the momentum going.

Cheryl Sterling is one of the people that joined the project, and in addition to making spectacular hand made quilts, she also takes some pretty incredible self portraits. When I was checking out her blog, the photo you see at the top of the post just jumped out at me. I think it's really striking, and complex, and even a little scary.

But one word kept coming to mind when I saw it. Determination.

I asked Cheryl if she'd allow me to post it on my blog as a sort of kick-off to the project, because I'm determined to make good on my promise, and actually ship one of Andrew Dubber's ideas. There was something about it that set the right tone for the start of the project. It's like a visual that's saying: "I'm serious. We're going to do this thing."

The other reason I thought this photo was so great though was because the longer I looked at it, the more gentle it seemed. It's like someone that has their game face on.

So don't be scared, we're just a group people determined to do something fun and have a unique experience. Today's the last chance to get access to my project space. If you've been on the fence, I hope you'll join.