Thirty ideas down, thirty days to go.

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Andrew Dubber came out with the last idea in his 30 day series of ideas today, all of which he's given away on his blog for anyone to do with what they want. Fittingly, today's idea was a website where people could give their ideas away for anyone to use. It's another one of my favorites.

What's great about Andrew's ideas isn't just that he did what he said he was going to do, but the way that he wrote about them. He made a real commitment to writing thought out posts about his ideas each and every day. Hopefully you've been keeping up, but if not, you should really check all of them out.

And now, because he executed on his project, there's all this other stuff going on that I wanted to share. As you may know, I am executing on his 5th idea, the 30 day numberless calendar. It's going to be a website where people can put their calendars, and if they want, also share what they're doing.

Originally, there were twelve people that joined my project space when I opened it. The only commit people had to make was that they'd write one blog post a week about it. Other than that, they could do as much or as little as they wanted with the project. Exactly half have opted to say in, and half have opted to bow out.

To understand why I asked for that commitment, you need look no further than Joan Lee's blog post titled Diligence. Joan is one of the people that decided to stay in the project.

There are no hard feelings at all by the way with people that chose not to keep going. We all have things we need to do, priorities change, and sometimes we just lose interest. It happens.
But, I knew it was going to be important for me to know who really was in to the project and who wasn't.

Deb Walsh started a facebook page for the project for anyone that wants to join, and has put up a new website at (it's still being built) where she's publishing sound tracks with her on the piano for a 30 day project. If the first one is any indication of what's to come, we're in for a treat.

Cheryl Sterling has been writing about a 30 day project of portraits, and in our project space she mentioned she has paints ready to go. The anticipation is killing me.

Simon Fowler came up with the great little visual to explain the whole first follower thing, and has been thinking about what he's going to do. It sounds like he's decided though that any project is going to make him better at something he's doing already.

Aaron Brown has decided to do 30 days of gardening. He blogs at Moot Pt. where you can also check out some of his music.

And DJ Phillips, another musician, one of the funnier people I've met lately, is going to be doing something with his music.

I'm really happy that I'm working on this project, and having these people along side working on their own projects is really awesome. So thanks to Derek and Andrew for getting this thing started, and you should have some cool stuff to look at come May first.