It will be because of...

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I tend to think a lot about the decisions I've made, and how they effect my present. I don't always like this about myself, becuase too much of it and suddenly I'm dwelling or obsessing. Looking back to much can keep us from moving forward, but at the same time I like thinking about and understanding how our decisions affect us.

Actions do indeed have consequences.

Looking at what we're doing today, in the context of looking at it from the future, can help us make good decisions; and maybe more importantly, keep us from making bad decisions. Or at least, get us to do something instead of nothing.

Think about what you're doing today and wonder if a positive statement would preceed it. For example, "This great thing happened to me.....because for three months straight I sat on my couch every day and watched TV for 5 hours." Um, probably not.

On the other hand, "I grew in ways I never though possible because I decided to travel around the world for 6 months...." Yeah, that makes sense.

This notion is interesting to me in part because the people who seem to have awesome, adventerous lives, are often referred to as being "care-free". I think it's the opposite though. The people that seem to have care-free lives have these lives because they cared enough to make the decisions that they knew would make them happy.

Full of care would probably be a better way to describe it.

If you think about the things that make you the happiest, I'd be willing to bet that they came about because of some thing you did that was different, new, exciting, engaging, or risky.

I think it's good to ask ourselves what we would like out of work, life, family, or really anything - and to then wonder if we might obtain it because of what we're doing today.