Embrace opportunities to climax

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No, I'm not talking about that.

What I am talking about is consciously seeking out opportunities (or making them) that require focus, effort, risk, and of course, ultimately sharing your creation with the world. I think if most of us are truly honest with ourselves, we'll find that we're not climaxing professionally nearly as much as we should be.

Often times, we make our way through the days and weeks, which can lead to months and years, without actually having a moment where we literally stand up, jump up and down, and say "Fuck yeah, I made that!"

We need to climax more.

The beauty is that this looks different for different people. For you, maybe it's starting a blog. Maybe it's launching that side business you've been thinking about. Maybe it's spending a significant amount of money placing an ad on The Deck because you think your idea is that good. Maybe it's launching another product that you think can change everything again.

I'll share a little secret with you. You know that GoFind application I made for Android phones? Well it's gotten a few pretty terrible reviews from some users. Either it didn't work correctly on their phone due to the fragmentation problems with Android, or I wasn't clear enough with the instructions and some people didn't get it, or they were inside and couldn't get a GPS signal.

But you know what I think about when I think about that app? I think about standing outside in the freezing cold, on the roof of my building, putting one phone in one corner of the roof and running to the other, and seeing the application work for the first time. Literally jumping up and down because the idea was real, it worked, and there it was, sitting in my hands.

The good feelings from that will always outweigh any negative criticism I might get. And so whatever it is that you're thinking about making, whatever you're thinking about sharing with the world, whatever idea you have that might allow you to work for yourself, you should do it.

Because climaxing feels good; and most likely, we're not doing it nearly as much as we should be.