Podcast Episode #9: Nate Kontny of Inkling Markets

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I had the pleasure yesterday of Interviewing Nate Kontny, one of the founders of Inkling Markets, and co-creator of Tgethr and CityPosh, for my latest podcast episode.

Nate is one of my favorite bloggers, super intelligent, and a really nice guy to boot.  I had a blast talking to him about starting projects, running a business, and the creative process that goes into building software and writing great blog posts.

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here (just give it a moment to load), or by subscribing to the podcast in iTunes.

You can follow Nate on his personal blog, the Inkling Markets Blog, or on his twitter handle.

Thanks again for the time Nate, it was great talking with you!

Lastly, thanks to the Smashing Pumpkins for making their music available. I used "Lightning Strikes" as the intro and exit music for this episode.  You can check out what they're working on at their site SmashingPumpkins.com