Fixing things that aren't broken

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In the world of software development, we're always iterating.

Websites can look nicer. Web-Apps can have a better user experience. Designs can be more modern. Messaging can be clearer. And on and on we go.

But I've been thinking lately that this iterative attitude might not always be healthy. At least, not unless we're thinking about it the right way.  When we're working hard to make things better, I'm learning that we need to be paying careful attention that we're not breaking the things that are working perfectly.

Because part of the art of iterating I suppose, is to understand what you want to leave alone just as much as understanding what you want change. And if making the change you want is going to disturb that which you want to leave alone, then maybe the best thing you can do right now is nothing.

Doing nothing is really hard to do, because it means we have to accept where we're at, which can itself be challenging.

But maybe, sometimes, doing nothing is actually the right answer.