Product Launch: Brytter

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I launched a new product yesterday called Brytter, and it's a super easy, super fast blogging platform.  You can read more about it via the announcement on the Byrtter Blog.

Over the next couple weeks I'll likely be transitioning to do all my writing full time on Brytter, as opposed to this blog which is currently hosted on Blogger.

Whether you subscribe to the RSS feed, visit the website, or receive email updates you won't have to take any action to continue receiving my posts, but the site will look different if you're used to visiting in your browser.

I know my writing has been a little sporadic lately and I should start being a bit more consistent again soon.  Not as an excuse, but just to explain, we've been pretty busy over here and unfortunately my writing has suffered.

My wife Maile opened an awesome new yoga studio in October, which led to me building a product called Tula Software, a yoga studio management software, and I've also hired two new full time employees for Ideal Project Group.

It seems as though sometimes I get a backlog of things I'd like to write about in my brain, and then I get stuck because I don't want to write something else until I get the backlog of ideas cleared.  This, of course, leads to gridlock.

And pretty much all the things I've been wanting to write about are Maile's studio, the new software, and my new employees.  Hopefully this post will get me a little unstuck on that front.

I've learned more than I ever imagined I would know about collecting money online, point of sale systems, merchant accounts and a host of other things I'll be sharing soon that you'll hopefully find useful.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!