Public? Private? Whatever the government says it is.

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You may have heard that Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, is in hot water with the SEC over a public facebook post he made back in July about the number of hours that had been viewed on the video streaming service.

The rule he supposedly violated is in place to ensure that individual investors have access to the same information that larger investment houses have. Basically, the SEC thinks Facebook isn't public enough.

Face meet palm.

Here's what's maddening though:

Back in September courts ruled that Twitter could not block an FBI subpoena requesting tweets sent by an Occupy Wall Street protester.


You guessed it - because according the FBI tweets are public and therefore cannot be protected. When different government agencies can harass and punish its citizens for their behavior on social media, based on conflicting theories of privacy, it's time to worry.

Can we start thinking about an electronic bill of rights now?