This is fun: What it means to deploy

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Releasing new code is extremely fun. Never take it for granted. The moment you're bored shipping new code is the moment you should consider finding a new gig.

Here's why: 

  1. Shipping new code means people can use and see it immediately.
  2. Each time you deploy, you're shipping a NEW VERSION. 
  3. You get emails thanking you. 
  4. People notice. 
  5. If you break something, you'll know. 

People thank you for your work.

This is motivation alone. Your entire team, the people that brainstormed, planned, designed, implemented, and shipped that new version - you get to be thanked by people who love what you do. Every day.

Never take that for granted. 

What else can you be doing where this happens? Garbage men don't get thanked every day (although they should). The mailman surely doesn't get thanked every day (although he should). 

Realize what you do is powerful. You're inspiring people. They care about what you do. 

You might be making their business better. Maybe, you're the entertainment in that person's life. You might even be helping them through a tough time. 

Just realize you're communicating to people. You may never meet them. You may never say a word to them. But they're thinking about you.  Trust me.