Podcast Episode 17: That moment is given to you by the lack of gravity

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Late last year, I decided I wanted to talk with someone who had gone though what might be the most unique human experience possible, someone who has been into outer space.

Fast forward to today where I was able to interview Astronaut Clayton Anderson, thanks to Source Sleuth - a service that finds experts for people telling stories.

Clayton and I talked about what it felt like to ride a rocket ship into outer space, the 15 year path he took to get there (including 14 years worth of rejection letters), the 5 months he spent on the international space station, how this perspective shapes ones worldview and what he's doing now as an author and public speaker.

I'm very grateful for the time Clayton gave to speak with me, and inspired by hearing his story of determination.

You can keep up with Clayton by following him on twitter at @astro_clay, checking out his facebook page at http://facebook.com/astroclay, and visiting his website at http://astroclay.com.

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