Product Market Dance

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I've never really liked the phrase 'product-market-fit'. It's never felt right to me, in the same way the phrase 'passive income' doesn't feel right. They both imply that that you get to a point of stillness at which everything stops and you're 'done'.

But that's not how the economy works, and it's certainly not how technology companies and software work. 

Today's product/market fit might be tomorrow's myspace. The market is constantly shifting and evolving, and so too are the products that serve them. It's wise to remain focused, but not at the expense of missing an entire market shift that kills your company. 

Markets are alive, we have new devices and new pieces of hardware at our disposal and with more coming. Not only this, people's expectations change. Like the changing beat of a song as it reaches a climax and comes back down again, so too does the market, and your customers fluctuate.

Today's Minimum Viable Product is tomorrow's starting point. Interestingly, today's failure can be tomorrow's success too, because there is such a thing as being too early.

Here's another secret: within markets there are different songs playing. Our biggest competitor to Tula is a half-a-billion dollar company in what they call the 'health, beauty and wellness' category.

That's one song I suppose. Another? Independent Yoga Studios.

There are many songs playing in every market. 

There's no such thing as product/market fit unless you're talking about a short time horizon.

For anything longer, it's a dance.