No one can have your perspective

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Perspectives are not formed over the course of a project, a job, or even a career. They are formed over a lifetime. And because of this, it is simply impossible for anyone to have your exact perspective.

We receive and process so many inputs, that the collection of them is unique to the individual alone. What we can strive for however is to broaden our perspectives, and work deliberately to share our own perspective with others.

The challenge is two-fold. On the one-hand, it's entirely possible that your (or my!) perspective has blind spots. There's information out there that might alter our view on things, but if we don't know about it the blind spots remain. The flip-side of course is that you've processed information in a way that someone else has not, and in doing so, you may have a better understanding of how to solve a particular problem. Who's right? Who's wrong? Maybe no one.

The problem is that sharing or receiving this extra bit of information may in fact have no impact whatsoever. After all, it's just one of thousands of inputs that are being processed by an individual that creates their view of the world. Is one new piece of information likely to alter things?

What can make a dramatic impact though is getting people to understand your perspective. Allowing them to see an entire collection of bits of information, through your eyes, might impact things tremendously. Likewise, by trying to understand the entire perspective of someone else, and not just individual ideas or pieces of information, you may also be transformed.

Just remember, you're still ultimately empowered or handicapped by your own perspective, because it's always unique to you.