You should use Squidoo

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Do you know what Squidoo is? You very well may not but that's okay, I'm going to tell you about it. Squidoo allows you to create what they call a "Lens" very easily. It's basically a super simple way to build a web page and aggregate a bunch of information about anyone or anything that interests you.

Say you like cooking. You can pull together your favorite cooking videos from YouTube, your favorite cook books (and link to them on Amazon), and include the latest posts from your cooking blog and your latest tweets from twitter. If people come to your page, they learn about what you put together, and if they click on an ad, or buy a book through your amazon link, you can make money or donate it to charity.

It's pretty cool and you should create a lens.

I created one for my professional profile because I wanted a nice casual way to put together a bunch of information about the stuff I do. In one place I can include information about the companies I started, bring info in from my blog, consume my twitter feed, and link to my resume. I put it together really quickly and will probably be editing it a bit, but you get the point. You can visit it at

Of course, I could have made a basic website so why choose Squidoo? Because it was easier. That, and because I already have enough websites that need a design overhaul. I didn't want to add another one to the mix.