Gay Rights: An issue of liberty, not biology

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I went on a bit of a twitter rampage the other day when NY Giants football player David Tyree came out against Gay marriage.

Like most people fervently against Gay marriage, David uses God as his primary justification for being against it, (there's just too much love in the word!) claiming that it threatens to ruin marriage.  Never mind the fact that his mom was divorced when he was one year old.   Never mind the fact that his daughter was born out of wedlock.  David has found God and is now justified in telling our Gay friends how they should live their lives.

In other words, pretty typical hypocritical bullshit that's usually espoused by these people.  Apparently David didn't get the memo about Jesus living a life of poverty.  His house sure does look nice.

The problem I'd like to address though is that these debates eventually spiral into a debate about whether Gay people are born gay or whether they choose to be gay.  And unfortunately, people ALWAYS take this bait.

Please. Stop it.

It doesn't matter, it is irrelevant, and it's harming your cause.

The problem with the "born this way/made this way" argument is that it accepts the premise that being gay is inherently wrong, but that it's "okay" because gay people were made that way.

It does not matter one bit whether you are gay because you were born that way, because you feel safer with a partner of the same sex, or because you ate a bunch of ecstasy one crazy night in college that changed your world forever.

Frankly, I don't really care why your gay.  I care a lot that you are able to obtain the same rights that my wife and I have.

Being a rational human being with the intelligence of at least a five year old, I of course know that people are born gay.  I'm just saying it doesn't matter and it's irrelevant to the debate over why Gay people should have the same rights as straight people.

The opposition will always find some "expert" or "convert" to "prove" that being Gay is a choice.  Fine.  Who cares?

The reason people should have the right to marry someone of the same sex is not because of the way they were born.  In our country, grown adults (and in some cases teenagers) are allowed to enter into a legal partnership with a person of their choosing.  Period.

The only argument required for this debate is one of liberty.

Some people in our country are allowed to receive the legal benefits of a legal partnership, some are not.

That's discrimination, and that's why it's wrong.

Please, stop falling into the trap of whether you were born gay or made gay.  It's hurting your cause and accepts a flawed premise that you are somehow flawed but just can't help it.

As a free American, the reason you're gay is irrelevant.

Make the argument about liberty, not biology.

By the way, here's David Tyree doing his absolute best to honor the lord and all his creations.  I'm sure Jesus would be proud David.

UPDATE: I changed the title to more accurately represent the context of the post.  Original title was "Dear gay people, please stop making this argument"

Also, good job New York!