Podcast Episode #12: Mike Hostetler and Jonathan Sharp of appendTo

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In this episode of my podcast I interviewed Jonathan Sharp and Mike Hostetler of appendTo, a JQuery development shop that was founded by the two in 2009.

They took the time to talk about the growth of their organization, how they go about getting clients, being a small business that works with big clients, and the point at which they turn business down.

We also talked quite a bit about pricing, managing teams that are geographically dispersed, and the benefits and challenges that come with working from home or in a small office.

Mike and Jonathan are really nice guys, and I'm very thankful they took the time to sit down with me to talk about their business, how they run it, and how they're going about growing the company.  Thanks again guys.

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Thanks for the intro and exit music this time around goes to Peter, Bjorn and John.  The Swedish band makes a bunch of their music available to podcasters at Music Alley.