Why you shouldn't be using Code Climate's automated refactoring

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Code Climate released its long-awaited automated refactoring tool today. Our team has been really excited and ripe with anticipation for months now. We put a premium on refactoring bad code, so this is something that's right up our alley.

I won't post any screenshots to spoil the surprise, but I am here to say you shouldn't be using Code Climate's automated refactoring tool.

Here are my top 10 reasons why:

  1. We tried to refactor a god object, but the Code Climate Refactoring Bot simply stopped believing in it.

  2. The Code Climate Refactoring Bot is a junior developer in regards to git. Our code base is now littered with vague commit messages like "Deleted".

  3. You'll miss out on the fun of shotgun surgery.

  4. You won't be able to name-drop "loosely-coupled" anymore.

  5. Red commits are good, but in this case, it just broke our code base.

  6. We'd like to see better branch names from the bot. You should only refer to magic when talking to your clients.

  7. No CoffeeScript support yet.

  8. We started to miss face-to-face time in our daily refactoring meetings. Plus, usually someone brings donuts. We can't get any work done when we're apart.

  9. I could no longer drive our team into the ground by yelling like a drill sergeant, "Refactor! Refactor! Refactor!"

  10. None of the above is true and you should read their blog post about the automated refactoring tool.