Using GitHub as a notebook

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Using GitHub as a notebook isn't a new idea. We've noticed a few companies and different people doing this and it's a great idea.

Sure, you can use Evernote. It's a great product. As a developer, GitHub seems to fit perfectly into your workflow anyway - so why not use it as a notebook?

People can submit pull requests to add to it or create issues to review things. It accurately reflects your knowledge base and keeps track what you've been working on. It forces you to write your ideas out on "paper", regurgitating what you may have learned in the past few weeks.

I'm trying a few different things at the moment to see if they work out.

  • idealprojectgroup/rails-configuration-files: Anytime I have to configure something, I try to add it to this repository. You'll find things like my custom dnsmasq settings and Apache configurations.
  • idealprojectgroup/guidelines: Currently, this is serving as a place to brain dump. We're only three engineers strong and we've kept a set of unspoken standards for awhile. I'd like to get these down on paper and work toward a more "official" standard. My favorite part of this repo is I hope to keep a high standard for it. It should serve as a place that summarizes our philosophy as an engineering team.

More great GitHub "notebook" repositories